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Well, my shit got all fucked up, and it happened again.


Thats right, Ive been banned from making comments on ebaumsworld again... this time for "comment spamming."  Apparently, Im banned until 12/22/09.... /sigh


You know what sucks most?  This isnt even my fault.  I was watching one of the features, and I tried to post one of my usual "poop" comments.  Now, my intention was just to post it once... not spam it  (after all, I --DO-- like to say poop, y'know).


So anyways, I tried to post my comment, and nothing happened.  It didnt give me the "Your comment was posted successfully" message.  I thought maybe I missed the button, and didnt click it or something, so I tried again... nothing.  and again... nothing.  Out of frustration, I hit the damn button quite a few times, wondering why it wasnt working.  Then suddenly, I get the message "you must wait 30 seconds before posting another comment."  Around that time was when I realized what was going on... my computer was lagging like a motherfucka...


I cringed as I hit the refresh button, and was somewhat suprised to see that I had inadvertantly made like 40 comments within a few seconds of each other.  I even made another comment afterwards trying to explain myself, but apparently, that wasnt read.  Shortly after, BOOM, Im banned from commenting :(


In an attempt to try and explain my situation, I sent PepperPeanut a message... and even got PepperPeanut to say that he would "unban me from commenting shortly."  I guess he was just dicking around with me, and he didnt believe my story :(


This really sucks...  and right after my 1 year anniversary too.  I was really hoping to be accepted as a more common user around here.  This is certainly not the way I wanted to usher in my new year as ebaumsworld's official poopmeister.


I /cry :( :( :( :(

iLIKEtoSAYpoop Uploaded 11/05/2009
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