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Stolen Ideas


Im gonna do a Thank You List because i was inspired by sheza to replenish my karma too.


- rizla rolling papers


-the occasionnal good wrapper at the grocery store

- weight loss

-dark chocolate

-walks in the park on a mild autumn day

-free concert tickets

-free newspaper on the bus

-all freebies for that matter

-old school video games

-dark circles conscealer makeup

-a good cup of coffee for 2$

-hot peppers of all sorts


-saturday mornings spent playing video games while being totally baked

-adult cartoons

-cheap cell phone plans

-coworkers that give a shit about you

-catching the subway as you get in the station

-buying a McNugget combo and realising that the cashier made a mistake and actually gave you more money back than what you initally gave her.

-movies starring seth rogen

-vinyl records cover art

- the colgate 360 toothbrush with the thingy that scrapes your tongue clean

-very tasty sandwiches

Platypuss Uploaded 11/13/2009
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