sort of drunk blog

I worked nights last night and came home with a very sore back so in my infinite wisdom i took a muscle relaxer a pain pill and hhad a beer to unwind.

Boy am I fuckin high right now. I am having trouble focusing on the keybooard and keep getting distracted

Why do women insist on economizing on fuckin paper towels? we had hot wings for dinner last nnight and what's her name gave me one of those 1\2 paper towel  things as if thats gonna work . shit i can afford more goddam paper towels.

finished up my honey do chores except fo one tiny detail I nowhave a 15 X 4' deephole in the back yard where i pulled out the pool deck and demo''d the poool anyone got a  body to bury?

All last year i pperformed  the job duuties of someone at my bosses level and all I got for thanks was a stupid book with the inscription "I'm proud of you keep learning and you can go anywhere you want in this company" Big Fat Hairy Fuckin Deal . how about that promotion I've been applying for.

Going back to bed


Uploaded 11/16/2009
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