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Arguing over the internet is for idiots! lol


I know just about everyone can say they have had some idiot who wants to argue or talk shit over the internet. Whats the damn point? Most of the people who "internet bully" are useless members of society who hide behind the computer because in the real world no one would take a second look at them, let alone listen to what they have to say. lol They are rejects, bad parents, the person who's name you cant remember at work who has worked there longer than the boss, the "chester", the uncle who cant keep a job and cant stop watching porn. Seriously, what are the odds of that person running into you in the real world? Is that why they feel so confident in being such a looooooser? If you know someone on Ebuams, CALL THEM OUT!

TrinidadGirl25 Uploaded 11/20/2009
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