bite my neck i'm cumming!!!

i feel like waxing philisophical so bear with me you fucking failed abortions.

why do we all seem to be drawn here? what is it about this place that makes us feel at home? why do i consider you assholes to be worth my time?

for me, it's the verbal sparring with guys like Bo, Thaddeus, Rollo, Tomlet that keep me coming back. but also the fact that we can have a GROWN UP ADULT CONVERSATION without (much) name calling.

the mutual respect we seem to have for eachother and our differing opinions seems to be a lost treasure in todays society. respect for one another in this country is nearly non-exsistent. here, though, on afuckin degenerate website, we seem to be able to handle ourselves like civilized humans.


i often wonder where i am going in life, what my purpose is if there is any, when i will die, and who will even remember me whaen i am gone. have i made my mark? what have i contributed to the human race? is this, what i am now, all i am and will be? i know i'm bummin some of yall out with this shit, but if you dont ever stop......and ask yourself these basic questions then......what is the fuckin point of you even breathing?


i feel i am better than most people. i dont think that that is a fault, i think that that sort of thinking makes me strive to be better than everyone else. to be better you have to believe you ARE better. do i look down on people who are obviously lesser than me? of course. do i shit upon them without care and with glee? FUCK NO. i have been that person, that guy in the gutter getting shat upon by passers by. as lord_infamous would say, i'm humble as fuck. i was humbled by my early experiences growing up and i have this thing that most americans are lacking called EMPATHY. 


fuck, ranting and preaching. you cock smokers dont wanna hear this shit.

i just got some free time on my hands i'm not acustomed to so i'm venting. and you fucks are my captive audience.


thanks for reading,



Uploaded 12/07/2009
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