Large Drunk Woman in Small Bathroom

My friends and I were in NY hanging out in a building drinking beer, conversing, joking around, etc. All of the sudden, a large drunk women comes out of the elevator's Dooms Day door and asks one of us if she can use the bathroom. At first, my intentions were not to do anything wrong, so i actually did take her to a bathroom (the smallest one in the house) and left. Ten minutes later, i remembered that she was still in the house, so i went back and knocked on the bathroom door, but the woman did not answer it. i opened the bathroom door and then a light bulb in my head shined like the solar flare that krillin uses from DBZ, took two steps back and whipped out my camera phone and immediately began to record her. I also took pictures. Theres a WHOLE lot more to this story, You can reach me on my aim, if asked for, in order to know the rest of the story.

Uploaded 12/12/2009
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