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Obama's Health Care Plan


Ok everyone. This may have been played over and over and posted again and again. I hope not.

My friends and I always talk back and forth about Obama's Health Care Plan. Now, before I get started I am not a Democrat, I am a Republican. But, I am not blinded by party BS. I can recognize a good thing or a bad thing regardless of Political Part or agenda. So, I have read over Obama's Health Care Plan and everything I have read sounds pretty good. I like how it is set up, all except one thing. The "exchange" is something that has me really skeptical on what Obama actually is aiming for.


So here is my question, or questions. Do you like the plan? What are some things you like and dislike? And also, do you think the "Exchange" will possible lead to a one payer health care system?


Thanks for the comments. This is really interesting to me. So please let me know what you think.

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