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Well, I dun gone dune and done did it now...  Im banned from commenting...  AGAIN! 


Under the little reason thingy-ma-bob, it says I was spamming.  But I really didnt even comment that much at all.  I just think someone out there has a vendetta against me. 


ANyways, this is the first time Ive been commenting banned in the year 2010, and its been roughly 3 months since my last commenting ban, so I guess Im due for one.


Is it just me, though, or are these commenting bans getting harsher and harsher?  Im not allowed to comment on media again until APRIL 15th!!!!   Thats like, 2 months away!  whatever...


I guess Ill just kill the time by posting more blogs in the blog section.  I always have fun in this section, so the penalty should pass quickly. 


Nice seeing you guys again :)

iLIKEtoSAYpoop Uploaded 02/19/2010
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