What Up Ma Nigga's

I haven't been on in a while due to minor nuisances such as work, business, providing for the family both physically and emotionally....blah, blah, blah....all kinds of nuisances, etc.

Regardless, just checking in, I'm reading a bunch of whining and bitching about blog content.  Well ladies and gentlemen, I believe I have a solution:  How about coming up with some original shit and making half an effort to put it on here in a manner that would inspire a person with three-quarters (notice I didn't say "half") of a brain to relate, bitch, laugh, cry, fume, argue, or agree with.

I know there are some bread and butter bloggers on here who consistently step up to the plate (you know who you are, so let's bypass the whole "shout out" system), but how about a little more contribution and effort from all of the HARDCORE ASS-MASTER, NINJA-ASSASSIN, PIMP-DADDY, AA-12 SPORTING, PAPUA NEW GUINEA mother fuckers to even it out?

I'm directing this narrative at myself as well, so don't take insult from my comment.

Tits, Ass, & Engines = Good Times

Uploaded 02/25/2010
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