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Bitches and complaints


A list of things that piss me off:

People that don't use turn signals.  How fucking hard is it to flip that switch?

Women.  Are there any women that are not crazy?

Bad cops.  Were they picked on as kids?

People that piss on the toilet seat.  How fucking hard is it to pick up the seat?

Barking dogs.  Can't the owners shut them the fuck up?

Bosses.  They're like diapers, full of shit and always on your ass.

Non-smokers.  I smoke.  Who gives a shit?  I go outside, so fuck you.

Junk mail.  I don't want your shit, so stop sending me your shit in the mail.

Politicians.  Stop following party lines and take care of your people for fuck's sake.

Global Warming.  It's natural.  I didn't do it.  You didn't do it.  Get over it.

You.  You're going to bitch and complain about this blog.  Fuck you.

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