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Another Psychopath with Political Influence


If anybody exhibits signs of psychopathic tendencies it's got to be Ann Coulter. She really hit it home during a speech at the University of Western Ontario. The damage this nut bar has caused to the right will be epic! Ann Coulter told the audience that Arabs should not be allowed on planes. When asked by a seventeen year old Arab student how then should she travel. Ann told her to use a flying carpet. The girl then said I don't have a flying carpet. To which Ann Coulter replied "then ride a camel".

In her speech she said all Muslim countries should be invaded, their leaders killed and all others converted to Christianity. She said all kinds of extremely damaging things.

If this is the kind of spokes people you got in your country, then surely it has been contaminated with sociopaths and psychopaths!


Letemdangle Uploaded 03/23/2010
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