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I can't believe you guys still talk about me.


It's been a long time.  I've been well.  How have you been?  I'm really looking forward to Blue...I mean Rednotes explanation on how he got rid of me????  Do you think your simple phone calls did the trick...think again!  I can't believe someone your age would do something as juvenile as prank calling someone you don't even know.  I hope you paid for that little service know...the voice scrambling....the ability to change the caller ID to whatever you wanted to....I hope you had to pay for that $$$.  It just shows how much I got into your head...and how easy you really are.  I bet you and Ellimem came up with the he was the one that banned me...wonder why????  Too bad he's not around anymore :(


This is Eshel...if you don't know're lucky!

Eshel Uploaded 04/16/2010
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