Is the U.S. military cowering before Muslims?

Does it seam like that after Obama and Gates decided that Graham will not be allowed on

its base for the National Day Of Prayer? If anyone here thinks they are a peaceful people

maybe you need to check out what they believe when it comes to anyone outside of their

religion. I am in no way giving Christians a free pass because of their violent history way

back in the day and currently with abortion doctors getting taken out. Let's do the math

and see which religion is more sinister?? Christianity has improved in it's non-violent

approach to non-Christians. Muslim religion is and will never be peaceful as we can see with

the issues at hand and there are many. Southpark is clear proof that Muslims are criminals.

How many years did they bash Jesus Christ? Not one threat from the Christian community.

One crazy threat from the Muslims and bam they are censoring South Park for the fucking

criminal element that resides within the Muslim faith.

Uploaded 04/27/2010
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