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just a simple blog


im typing a simple blog.


using capitals at the start of a sentence and all that is thrown out the window.


now, i enjoy reading your blogs, i really do, but all i seem to have been reading for the last month is people arguing and moaning.


can anyone please write a funny, and if not that, entertaining blog, for me to read?


am i really asking that much from you all? 


but, having said that, i suppose me writing this means i've done exactly what i'm sick of reading.


straight jacket girl, i think you know me, amirite? please stop being bitchy, dull and a cocksmoker, and get back to your entertaining blogs. please, for the love of god, get back on that blog bike and entertain me. is that too much to ask?


peace, love, unity, racial harmony :):):):)

deevo25 Uploaded 05/31/2010
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