Finding Love.

There are a lot of sad and lonely people out there searching for companionship. While I do not condone calling 911 for help in such matters I do have sympathy for anyone who feels that desperate and lonely. Audrey Scott is no exception....

Audrey Scott From Ohio Called 911 Five Times Looking For a Husband

Ms. Scott ended up spending three days in jail after she repeatedly called 911, five times in just one hour, saying she was looking for a husband and wanted the police to help her.

When news crews caught up with her after her release she said that although she was looking for a husband she was drunk and clearly realizes calling 911 for that reason is not a good idea. It is a class four misdemeanor however, and she spent three days for her drunk dialing mishap.

Christi Klimes was the 911 dispatcher who answered the calls and said that in all her years working there she has never experienced anything like that.

God bless Audrey with a friend!

Uploaded 06/08/2010
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