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A Great Journalist!


"Let right be done", signed King Edward the VII on a boys petition of right.


In our day to day lives the importance of that statement falls on deaf ears. For practical purposes or financial reasons we ignore such ideas. This approach has only sent us into a death spiral whose momentum is unstoppable. The vortex is so powerful that civilization is threatened with collapse, very few people have been able to find the inner strength to escape it's grasp.


One such person is Judi McLeod a journalist from Canada Free Press. Her work on revealing the truth behind global warming, cap and trade and the men behind it is breathtaking, revealing, brave and a example to all people who count themselves as good people.


Here is a link to some great stories she has produced, linking Al Gore, Maurice Strong, Saddam Husein, Paul Martin, Jean Chretien, George Soros, Chinese elite and others. If you want to know why things just don't add up, read her stories.

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