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Metalocolyspe vs. Aqua Teen Hunger Force vs. My Little Pony


Zeke moved in a few days ago, and I've seen neither hide nor hair of him. Just his house slippers at the door and the emptied contents of the vacuum in the trash. Kind of nice living with someone who works nights.

Work has been hectic and a half now that the annual bonus program is in full effect, and I'm managing it on my own.  I'd rather be in the thick of it, though, than in the months, weeks, moments leading up to the craziness.  That precursor time is what really makes me nervous. Being in the eye of the storm at least means we're almost over the hill.

(That was way too many metaphors mixed up in one paragraph.)

If you're someone's first boyfriend or girlfriend, chances are you won't be the only boyfriend or girlfriend they ever have.

I miss playing Uno.

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