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Ebaums has enough ads.. no need to add your own...


So yeah... everyday I come here, there's more and more advertisements in the blog section.  

Marketers of usually pretty shallow establishments come here as a place to advertise for free.  They aren't paying ebaums for this ad space, and it's doing nothing but annoy the blog section.


But never fear.. I have an answer for everything.


First time ebaums account makers usually make accounts so they can upload stuff and gain ereps... unless they're advertisers.  Simply make it so people need to wait a few days, after they make their account,  before being allowed to post their first blog... or make it so you have to have a certain amount of ereps... say... 500.

I assume that most legit newcomers don't even know theirs a thriving blog section, let alone join just to use it.  Soo.......



Good idear?

Tyaeda Uploaded 07/16/2010
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