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My life- The SLACKJAW Chronicles


Hey guys my name is SLACKJAW, yes all caps too. My life has been pretty intense to say the least i use to get picked on for being a zombie and having a slackjaw. contrary to popular belife people with slackjaw are dumb but im pretty smart. now i dont know how i got this way but i think it was when i ate that 40 year old beef jerkey that had cocain on it, not sure but anyways i work as at wendys and smoke peanut shells in my spare time. my favorite show is as the world turns such a great show makes me cry everytime dammit! I fancy long walks on the beach naked and can sing like no other. I also have a crush on martha stewart!!! well i really got to go guys its getting pretty late here so im going to go drink some battery acid and play the fiddle until i go to sleep.

SLACKJAW Uploaded 08/15/2010
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