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Ode to Joey


We were born one year apart to the day

I remember every time we would go out and play

On our birthday there were always two cakes

We would play in the desert and try to catch snakes

I remember the days we would go to the fair

With your girlfriend, the one with pretty brown hair

I remember the fireworks on the 4th of July

And afterwards we would have strawberry pie

When you weren't there I pretended you were

And you did the same, of that I am sure

I would play for hours all by myself

And look at the football you gave me up on my shelf

It's been ten years almost to the day

That God fucked my life and took you away

Your life ended that day by the road in the ditch

When God ripped my soul out and said "Like me now bitch?"

I miss you more than anyone will ever know

To this very day, you weren't just my cousin, you were my bro.


I love and miss you Joey,





DeunanKnute Uploaded 08/23/2010
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