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Drunk Blog of Awesome.


Before I begin this blog, I have been drinking since one. So don't expect my normal useless but interesting babble. Today is a whole new animal. Cause I'm drunk. I dunno if you caught that part yet. So I'll say it one more time. Drunk. The thing Ravensong won't be legally allowed to be for another seven years. 


Today is a joyous occasion. Yuengling was 18 dollars and I just moved into my own house with a couple school friends. We've been going around to houses all day drinking.


I had a Fried Reese's the other day. It was awesome.


Thegodlyone has sort of was atleast more intelligent than Ravensong or nearperfectmate's fantastic blogs, by the way OBAMA IS THE ANTI-CHRIST. It's true. Talk to Slutty mcRavenpants. Yeah I know it didn't make sense. 

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