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Deunan plus alcohol...


I have not had a drink in four months or so. Why? Because Deunan plus alcohol usually equals bad shit happening. Tonight I am throwing that shit right out the fucking window!!! I am, generally, a lightweight when it comes to alcohol so it won't take much after four months I'm sure. I will stay home and probably finish an entire bottle of Crown Royal.

I don't want to wallow in my own misery. I would like tonight to be an upbeat and happy kinda drunk. Drinking alone is bad I know, but I don't feel like doing the bar scene thing. Too many people that I don't like to be around in those places.

So, here's the plan...I'm gonna get twisted and hang out here!!! Sad, I know, but true. Come visit and chat with me. I will be in live chat, or if I'm too messed up to figure that out you can Meebo me. WTF right?

I apologize in advance for anything stupid I say. ;)

This should be entertaining for all.


DeunanKnute Uploaded 08/27/2010
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