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Can someone help me? DO I HAVE AIDS?


I am running a fever since yesterday..

I know that fever is one of the symptoms of AIDS.

Because 1 month ago, I had use alcohol swabs to clean a person's hand after a blood glucose. I do not know her background and all. Most importantly, I had a small cut on my finger, on the hand which I use to swab her hand, I have consulted the doctor, but he said the chances of me getting HIV/AIDS is almost zero.

And a few weeks ago, I went to Malaysia for holiday. I noticed the bed sheets had small blood stains that were dry and i tried cleaning it with some paper but the stain didn't come off. I do not know whose blood is it..

I am very afraid that I have contracted AIDS..because of my fever as one of the symptoms.Can someone help me?

IHaveNoBrain Uploaded 08/28/2010
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