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Blog Rules - Proposed Amendments


I was writing this blog to get some ideas for ways to make the blog section better.  I feel that the admins do not get enough traffic from it so they let it be a shit-hole.  I have been discouraged from writing anything many times when I look and see 10 blogs, that are not even 50 words, in a row.  I don't feel like submitting quality if it can just be brushed off by a one sentence blog.


Some ideas are :


1. Word minimum - I would say 100 at the very least but 500 would be better except in exceptional cases.


2. Racial Slurs allowed but not hate speech - The ban on the N-word is utter BS unless someone is being very insulting.  If it's asking questions it should be allowed.


3. I dunno - I wrote enough.  It's aboot time you N-words got some ideas.

Nova999 Uploaded 08/30/2010
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