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Six hours left...


Yeah I know, I'm filling up the blog section a lot today. So fucking what? It's keeping me from going out and killing stupid fucks. Anywhoo...I have about 6 hours left in this tragic, horrific, mind numbing, rage filled, pathetic excuse for what the civilized world calls a day. What else happened today...oh yeah! I've been waiting for a new phone for a while, I received it today and mother fuckers sent me a PINK one!!! Great!!! I was also turned down for, count 'em, 3 fucking part time jobs due to overqualification. At this point I'm willing to ask, "would you like fries with that sir?" But those jobs are slated for fucktards like Nova999.

The clock is ticking ever so sllloooowwwwllllyyy. Don't be surprised if I have another rambling rant/temper tantrum later on tonight.

Maybe I"ll stand at the freeway onramp with a sign saying..."Please help, noone will hire me 'cuz I'm an EBW user." The $ should pour in.

Frustrated, pissed off, raging, angry Deunan.

DeunanKnute Uploaded 08/31/2010
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