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Left, right, God and politics


O. K. this should be fairly short. Someone needs to explain to me how when republicans are Christians it's proof that they are evil. It means that they are going to use the bible to beat us into submission and force their religion on us. Then all the democrats go to church services and talk about their faith in God and invoke God in their speeches and all the lefties don't say a word. Even Obama has gone to great efforts to show us how he is a christian and not a (gulp) Muslim. Do they do this just to trick Christians into voting for them? Do all the lefties just wink and nod at each other and say,"we know what he's doing." Does the left and the media simply lack any real principles? Are they just shallow "the end always justify the means" cronies? I thought they were supposed to be so much better than those mean old, unscrupulous right wingers. 

    Just curious. Tomlett, I'm sure you can explain it.

laptopia Uploaded 09/10/2010
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