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Love is...the other side


Please see my previous blog above.

Here are some things I believe tell me my woman loves me...

Love is her showing up at my work to have lunch with me, just because.

Love is her showing interest in what I do for a living.

Love is her sitting through a football game because she knows it would make me happy.

Love is her occasionally opening the door with no clothes on when I come home.

Love is her making me a dinner that I talk about for days.

Love is her being there when I need her, no matter what.

Love is her resting her hand on my lap while I'm driving.

Love is her being happy and content with me. Not wanting more.

Love is her telling me she loves me...every day.

Love is her telling me she's proud of me.

Love is her buying ME flowers.

Love is her wanting to spend more time with me than with her friends. 

Love is her sharing everything about herself with me.

What is her way of loving you?


DeunanKnute Uploaded 09/13/2010
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