stupid fucking republicans

   so i been watching some of the news a lot lately and this bitch what's her face that's running for senate or whatever? Shes like a confirmed fucking satanist witch and she hates masturbation and shes a member of the tea party, to.

   So i guess my questions is that if your sposed to be a conservatve/reublican type running for office, arent you christain most of the time too? And wouldnt the people that would maybe vote for her be a little pissed that sges a fucking satanist or whatever? Andisn't everyone who says they dont masterbate lying? So we have a fucking satan witch dirty fingered liar running for office or whatever and shes WINNING? is it just me, or is nobody paying any attention anymore to this shit? I mean, doesn't anybody care who ends up with all the power?

   I dont really understand the difference nbetween repulicans and democrat, but I know that alot of people who do understand seem to be ignoring what they know so they can get more republicans in to offices.

   I dont really understand all the poiltic shit but i do watch the news and a lot of stugff there pisses me off a lot. But usually its stuff about politics that pisses me off, not like the weather or whatever you know what i mean.

   OK ALMost done.. i just wanted to say that the one blogger here named bfp2 is a fucking dick. Yes sir, your smarter than me but that only counts here if i was where you are right now id kick your pussy ass. I dont like you, asshol

   ok people, let it fly and dont hold back. remember to talk about the congeress bitch or whatever.


Uploaded 09/21/2010
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