I am the devil...

...and I am here to do the devil's work!

I am a speeding train lined with razor blades and slicked with Preparation H. My tracks point at the next retard to even look my way!

I am your worst nightmare, the thing that goes bump in the night motherfucker!

I am your pedo Uncle and I have custody of you for the weekend bitch!

I am completely out of my fucking mind and no one can stop me!

I am Mike Tyson in a pink dress and you're my date for the evening!

I am a truck load of fertilizer parked in front of your mom's house doucheweasel!

I am that clown that fucked your head up when you were six!

I am the dark hallway you won't walk down punk!

I am the girl that laughed at your tiny penis when you were 14!

I am the guy down the street that looks at you "that way". Your ass is mine!

I am Deunan and I am here to do the Deunan's work.

Uploaded 09/23/2010
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Tags: stupid


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