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Well then...


...apparently angry raging psycho Deunan isn't as popular as mushy feelingsy emotional Deunan. Well guess what? Anger is a feelingsy emotion too...go figure.

Life is not all kittens and hot chocolate. Sometimes life is masturbating in a pool of your own tears! (OMG..he didn't just say that did he?)

My two previous blogs are a testament to anger, rage, frustration, confusion, disempowerment, what have you. We all go through it. I think those two blogs are beautiful! In a scary, fucked up kinda way yeah but still!

Add stress, insomnia and depression...simmer for a few years, fluff with a crazywisk and salt to taste and you have the Deunan recipe. Every bite tastes different than the one before it. Sometimes it's perfect. Sometimes it tastes like roadkill but I still have to eat it in order to stay alive.

I'm sure I'll be back to flowers and bunnies Deunan soon but until then I am bonkers, wonky, nutjob Deunan. (No I'm not bipolar nor on meds.)

In my current situation I'm impressed with the fact that I haven't snapped. Let's hope it stays that way.



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