Shemale Porn is only Gay if there's no Woman

Well, that's my argument anyway. Today, I was aroused by a woman (XX) have sex with a shemale (XY). It was new, bizarre, and seemed taboo- the exact reason why it turned me on so. To be straight, however, I find pedophilia disgusting, and that's bizarre and taboo. I may be a freak, but I'm not a dangerous one. Anyway, the girl was sucking off the shemale, and then the girl penetrated the shemale with a dildo, a practice called pegging. Another thing I find arousing, but oddly enough? I don't want to do any of these activites in real life. It has the complete opposite effect, but the observation as a secret onlooker is what turns me on. Always have. When it comes to sex, I like it with a blowjob, a vagina, and an internal cumshot. Like most men. Some men? I dunno. I don't consider this type of pronography to be homosexual, and I don't say this because I hate homosexuals. I say this becuase I am merely stating my opinion. Two shemales, a man and a shemale, that does not turn me on. But every once and awhile, when I'm feeling a little squirrely? A woman getting fucked by a freak of nature gets my shlong raging and my nipples squirtin'. What do you fuckers think? Not of me, the situation. I know waht I am, a freak, but I want to know how all of you feel about it. Being faceless is great, why not confess your innermost desires.
Uploaded 10/11/2010
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