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Are All Shows Getting too Political?


I really can't stand how you see something political on just about every tv show nowadays. Family Guy is the perfect example in my opinion.


In the early days, Family Guy was hilarious. Yeah, there were the cutaway gags and shit which get old, but it was still pretty good. Now, Family Guy is political jab, after jab, after jab, for half an hour. Some of you will think "it's just becasue you don't agree with them," but that's not it at all. I would get annoyed even if it was supportive of conservative opinions becasue I don't watch the show for political reasons, it's supposed to be funny. If I wanted politics, I'd watch the news or read a paper.


I don't know, this is just shit I've noticed, and Family Guy sure isn't the only show that does this, but it's the first one that comes to mind....what are your opinions on shit like this?

Ihavenolife999 Uploaded 10/24/2010
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