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Kentucky Beat Down

I'm amazed at how the main stream media tried to connect some crowd members stopping some dumb ass women from attacking  Rand Paul to the Republican party. The crowd was actually well behaved, except for some goof who stepped on her shoulder. There is one in every crowd.

The Battle of the Bluegrass Beatdown is a shallow tale. Its supposed to go: Guy hits girl. Guy faces punishment. However, in the days of Democrat desperation, the progressive progression now reads: 

Guy hits girl. Media checks guys political persuasion. Guy turns out to be Republican. Media claims guy is representative of all Republicans. Guy faces punishment for alleged assault. GOP faces media lynching for encouraging violence. 

Of course, if the avowed offense had been committed by one of Obamas true-blue (state) toadies, the progression would follow thusly:

Guy hits girl. Media misses attack while bending over to tie shoes. Guy goes back to SEIU local HQ and has beer with fellow goons. Girl goes home, forgotten. Media ignores attack, and blames GOP for making poor SEIU thugs so angry.
Letemdangle Uploaded 10/28/2010
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