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Hello everyone, I hope your day is going well and I hope you all voted today.  And for the onces in Cali....did you vote YES or NO on Prop 19??


This is my follow up blog and I am following up on the blog I posted back on Oct 29th which is below.


I asked everyone to add me as a friend and I would post a blog about it the following week.  Well I am kind of disappointed....I only had 4 people add me as a friend.  And they are as followed.







Now I did not look at any of their content so I don't know how good of users they are but I suggest you go and take a look at their media and rate it anyway. 


So with that out of the way I am going to ask 1 more time for everyone to add me as a friend.  I would love to get the most friends here on ebaumsworld and you all can help me make that happen.  So go ahead...add me.


Well now I want to give a shout out to my 1 friend on Meebo chat right now.  And that is "caroldaniel67".

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