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The Birth of a Troll and Costume Contest p.s.

I knew a bloke, he was allright, he was a good worker, a good "person".  Then he got butt raped in a dark alley just outside the pub by an old "1 pound a blow job" hooker with a strap on. He was never the same again. He started to walk in circles, bite strangers and people who used to know him, etc. He now lurks in the darkness, trollin when he feels the rage inside him gets uncontrollable, unleashing the prick inside, butthurt all the way. I wish that never happened to him. Get well dude, get well (or else ill have to get the shotgun and take you to the back yard).    
P.S: cookezofdoom and tawpa FTW 5* epicness. 
TheNaxx Uploaded 11/04/2010
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