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for my friend

Lost one of my best friends. You were the scariest person I have ever been in a car with, bought me more lunches than I could ever pay you back for, and u were one funny hyper active mother fucker to boot. I put the gas pedal to the floor for ya today and I hope you heard that shit all the way up there. This weekend I'm going back to the old race spot out in marsh and it's gonna be tough to light that shit up as hard as the Z06 did, but I'm gonna show ya what awd can do that the mustang couldn't.  I wrecked your streetbike, broke your brother in-law's jetski, and I owe you more than a few favors when we meet again. This fine bright green hunk of kron im about to smoke, IS FOR YOU.

BE4VER Uploaded 11/15/2010
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