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"I'm the Goddamn president, that's 2 free throws"


Any one else hear about Obama getting elbowed and needing 12 stitches? Did anyone else wonder why Obama's exciting life as a basketball player outshines his presidency? Or atleast at times it seems that way. I fuckin love the blatantly comical........blessing. The first black presiednt ever, and the media just loves how great of an athlete he is. And the man can't change a goddamn thing, but he sure does bring a solid bracket every year for march maddness. I'd honestly rather here about Sarah Palin and her awesome life as a down-to-earth soccer mom from Alaska. Turns out that now I can!!

Really, why the hell are we parading around politicans like they were movie stars? Let's not distract them from their real fuckin job. When America needs a figure head to run the country, we'll give Arnold a call.

The last thing I want to see is a day-to-day twitter update from the president.

Jesus Fucking Christ

Ashes_Fall Uploaded 11/26/2010
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