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Why do I not write anymore?


What happened?

I used to love to throw shit down on paper or into a blog...

When I first got married, my wife bought a really nice Leather-bound, hand-crafted journal to write shit in... songs, poems, stories, but I never touched it.  Waht a waste.

After the birth of my son, Hunter, I wrote a shit-ton, and he was a great muse... but I have since lost that angle of desire to jot shit down...

Not sure what happened... thought I would read the blogs for a few days here at ebw... and see if anything shakes down... maybe a new muse will fall from a tree and give me a concussion...

We will see I guess...

I am HunterDad, i miss the blog section at ebw....

HunterDad Uploaded 12/27/2010
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