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"Do you smell fish?"

I pissed my g/f off the other day when she was trying to be all sexy and straddled me and I blurted out, "do you smell fish?" Obviously, she was instantly offended, thinking that I was insinuating that her puss smelled like fish. But actually, we had the windows open, and our neighbor was grilling tuna. That didn't matter of course, because she was still pissed and slapped me across the face, and then stormed out. I didn't make things any better when I tried to explain that if she actually did smell like fish there, that I wouldn't have anything to do with her because a fishy smell in the vagina means a bacterial infection, and that's not something I play around with. Needless to say, she is no longer my g/f. Which is just fine by me, since she was only dating me for the financial gain.
callmedoctor Uploaded 01/22/2011
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