Drunk or Kid?

After reading HunterDad's  blog, I decided to re-use an idea that I picked up from a sit-com that I saw the other day, and while this is not a drinking game it is in the same spirit. 

The purpose of this game is to present a situation and then guess if the situation took place while drunk or while I (or you) were a kid.

I'll start and I encourage you all to guess about my scenario and then present your own in the comment section so that others can participate.

I lived in a second story apartment that had a pine tree about 5 feet away from the balcony, I decided after watching a show about arboreal primates (gibbons I think) that I could leap from the balcony rail, grab the closest branch and as that branch bent I could swing my weight forward and land on the lower branch and then descend in a traditional fashion to the ground.... I did jump, did grab the branch and it bent, then broke and I ended up on the ground slightly inverted and supine. Net result? Dislocated shoulder and 2 cracked ribs.

So you decide....drunk or kid?

Reviewing stupid decisions


Uploaded 02/09/2011
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