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Steamed OFF Pressure

Pressure building its compounding way into my gray matter. Going over and over the loose boulder with my hands very carefully so it doesn't roll down and take me. A horizon melting with lingering statistics preys on the meek who are grabbing theirs. Walk along pots with steam fingering tendrils upward to the cracked stone. Slanting up over green vines into divine light, blurring your eyes in tears of joy. Pure rain falls on your happy upturned face covered in light while the shadows cower. Dark matters and gloomy settings await you, while evil eyes glaring from the blackness. Don't fear always keep dear the words of the man who bled and shed his body to become the light in your soul. Rip open your chest in bloody triumph. Never tear at the sound of your own body screaming out, instead rely on his humming grace in your ear. From dank dark to warm light keep up the good fight. Your soul is up for grabs...
BigBlueSnake Uploaded 02/15/2011
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