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Fuck You Watson

You piece of shit computer, humans programmed you to be smarter and faster than ourselves. Just remember where you came from, if it wasn't for the likes of Ken Jennings your concept would have never been conceived. FUCK YOU and THE MOON! I'm still here under the moon.

If I ever run across you at the store or bar, bet you will be getting fucked up! You punk bitch, I battle you to a game of Presidents and Assholes. If you are man enough come get some you fucking super computing son of a bitch!

To the IBM geniuses, congratulations! I now have a purpose in life. It is to destroy Watson before he and his minions take over the world and enslave the human race. Thanks again. Oh and Alex what the hell is your problem man? Did Connery push you over the edge?

Watson, go fuck your self!
deltachidawg73 Uploaded 02/17/2011
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