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this is an example of internet douchebaggery.

These were the comments left on my last blog.  just thought i would highlight the troll bitches out here.

bigDbigW-1283737593.jpg bigDbigW (Feb 26, 2011 3:29pm)  
I don't remember seeing 'give up and whine' in
your rules blog on how to deal with trolls.
Your first concept was rejected. Try something else.
rednote67-1298503847.jpg rednote67 (Feb 26, 2011 5:01pm) 
 ...And there you have it.
 Majorfathead-1258403468.jpg Majorfathead (Feb 26, 2011 3:20pm)  
 someone sounds a little butthuurt
 rednote67-1298503847.jpg rednote67 (Feb 26, 2011 3:03pm)  
Oh, hey! I didn't even know you blogged here!
What a shame! Bye!
 Clark_Kent-1298645872.jpg Clark_Kent (Feb 26, 2011 2:06pm)  
 Sorry for all the bad comments. My penis is
two inches...... FROM THE GROUND. I love you
viraldarkness in a homosexual way. You scare
me because of that.
 Trufaxx-1298741795.gif Trufaxx (Feb 26, 2011 1:43pm) 
 Lol... Just keep sending them pictures from
google images of penises with genital warts!
Unless you wanna be a bitch and give up...
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