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The internet...

I havent wrote anything since college so if I seem a little rusty, than my bad. I was thinking about the internet and how everyone can talk to eachother all over the world, and how like 20 years ago, we didnt have an7ything like it, and how it opened up the world to everybody.  Even people in china can chat with someone in North Korea.  Or a North Korean, can even chat with someone in america, no matter the difference in politics, they can still join together in a conversation about whatever they want, its the biggest freedom in the world.  I just think its amazing how the world is so much put together with the internets and i am glad that we all share that with eachother.  North Koreans, Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Latino people, we are all put together in the interwebs and talk to eachother every day and probably dont even know it.
SmartBlackGuy Uploaded 02/28/2011
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