Believes it or not, I is a Racist.

Yea homies, thats right, I be admitting it right here and right now, I is a racist. I cant mothafuckin stand those bitch ass Eskimos. They be actin like they better than all of us, all snug up in they igloo's, fishin through they hole in they ground. I aint never mets a real eskimo before, buts I's already know what they is all about, and I just can't stands them.
They is like the mexcans of the North Pole, and they be takin up all the fishing and dog racing jobs, and they be depletioning all they resources of  hooks, and snow cones, and fish,  and ice blocks, and furry hats, and pandas, and wolf dogs.
And if I's ever see an Eskimo up on my block, that nigga better break himself because I's be making a E line right at his bitch ass, and he better has his harpoon ready because I be strapped with my glock at all times. Peece niggas. Out.

SBG on the realz.

Uploaded 03/08/2011
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