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What is it with Avatars and Ebaumsworld?

I means, all yall be jumpin on some random noob because he dont be liking Avatars and shit, and yall tells him that he is a faceless ass noob who dont even likes Avatars and he should go somewheres else if he wants to be taken seriousively. 
But, what I just don't understand, is why is it so important to yall that everybody likes Avatars? I means, it has a decent plot, and it has some cool effects, but wasn't that shits just another Dancing with Wolf Dogs movie that was filmed in the future?
Why is it that everywon needs to has an apprechimation for that one movie, and if yous dont like it, errybody has to jump up on you and say you is a bitch ass faceless nigga with spermicide drippin off they chin.

Here is an instruction guide for you's to get yo own Avatar face...  You is welcome.

SmartBlackGuy Uploaded 03/09/2011
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