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Read Along Blog - Great Apes To Ashes, By Augusthovel

Great Apes To Ashes, By Augusthovel
Coming in; going out.
Nothing to nothing.
Corpses animated
Into pain receptacles.

Masks go on; Truth comes off--
Feigning the coping.
Myths of fulfillment
Carrot and stick us along.

Funds acquired; funds disbursed.
Earning-spending machines.
Changing life's hours
To pay for buyer's remorse.

Bliss absconds; hurt remains.
Neverlasting joy.
A wild-goose chase
For rewards we're told we want.

Coming in; going out.
Great apes to ashes.
Bodies now decaying.
Garbage dumping into space.

© 2011 by augusthovel

In respect to the faggot, here is the original blog --->
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