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I'm baaacckkk :D

So I happened to come across my old EBW account last night. How crazy, I haven't been on here in years! At least not after the whole lawsuit thing happened with Eric Bauman and the site being changed and whatnot. How's shit been lately? Is there even anybody still here from back then? Does anybody even remember me? Shit..
Well I just decided to drop by and say hello. I may or may not continue posting and blogging like I used to, I haven't made up my mind yet.
Oh yeah, and I'm actually 18 now. Almost 19! Woohoo :]

If anybody on here does actually remember who I am, well, a lot has changed. I graduated high school, got different friends, decided to mellow the fuck out and quit the straightedge crap, party on occasion, looking for a job and going to cosmetology school soon.

So how is everybody??
PeachyKeen Uploaded 03/13/2011
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