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Its a game with no rules,
 a life with no end
    a dream with no reality
      its an empty stomach but no hunger.
Its just that i feel i can but i don't
  lately this place has been so sad and depressing
    its like everybody has been wronged
      even the ones who had it good are bad.
Instead of smiling we frown
   instead of standing we fall down
     instead of loving we hate
       and instead of living we wait.
Purple has been the color of this life i' ve lead.
   Black has been the color in my dreams i've ever sensed.
     Red the color of my anger against the ones who wronged me.
        Green the color of the hope i still have of being able to keep living with me.
  Over thinking.  
              Over living.
                         Over being
sillyjill91 Uploaded 03/15/2011
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Tags: weird life


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