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trolling eteekit

ryt 1st off we need eestablish der dif places of trollin. k!

we has main feechur pages. the trollin normly is ur a fag and/or copy/paste of dum shit sum1else rote and nvr on topic. 30 second rool meens they has tym to fink of ther nxt witty coment n stuff. but its normly homo shit. bdubla seems afectd der most by dis. dey pik on wunanuva n stuff.

den we has live chat, a playc i luv to frekwent, gud ppl ther, all troll lyk but ye fuk. so its moar fastr troll in dis seckshun. grammar dnt meen shit ther, its a matr of calln ppl cunts n wat not.

Then we have the blog section. People without imagination, tend to just correct spelling errors and grammar mistakes. If you're not in the 'loved list' they will all thumb you down, without even bothering to read the comment.

Now, it's music time. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Being a blog about trolling, what else could the video be?

I don't troll. You all troll. Idiots.
N0_U Uploaded 03/20/2011
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